8  Week  Balance Bootcamp - Online Clients Only April 6-May 30

8 Week Balance Bootcamp - Online Clients Only April 6-May 30

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Life is Hard. As women, we wear a lot of hats that can cause us to feel weary, rundown and out of balance. We work hard to balance being a wife, mother, boss, business owner, friend, daughter, employee. We volunteer at our kids' school, lead a small group at church and try to create meaningful relationships.  At the same time, We TRY to keep a clean house, make sure the laundry is done, put a decent meal on the table, get the kids to soccer practice, take care of our aging parents, and just maybe, we can fit in some self-care. 

When it comes to wellness, there are tons of options, and with those options come all kinds of information. Our brains are in information overload. We hear about Keto, Carb Cycling, Intermittent Fasting, hormones and try every gimmick and diet trend to try and lose the weight. Speaking of weight loss, it's seems to be harder and harder to get the extra pounds off. The things we did in our twenties or thirties are no longer working. We are eating less and exercising more and our bodies seem to be stuck.

 Does this sound familiar? Listen, I hear you. I know you are struggling to do it all. I see you feeling overwhelmed. The anxiety and stress are your new norm, but listen my friend, they don't need to be. 

I've created my Balance Bootcamp with you in mind. Over r the next 8 weeks, I'll help you navigate through the confusion and bring simplicity to your life.

This Bootcamp is for you if 

  • You want to change your focus
  • You want to know the best tools to help you lose weight and get in incredible shape
  • You want to know the best foods to eat to help you balance your hormones , boost your immune system, your metabolism and give you a healthy gut
  • You want to change who and what you see when you look in the mirror
  • You want strategies that will help you stay motivated
  • You need help overcoming obstacles
  • You want to experience Less Stress and More Vitality 
  • You want to overcome your limiting beliefs
  • You want more meaningful relationshipsYou want to start believing in Yourself

What if ????????

You could ditch the overwhelm and start living your best life by creating healthy habits that will help you lose weight, get fit, and reduce STRESS ??  
You  can eat food that helps balance your hormones, reverse aging,  boost your immunity and your metabolism?
You can learn healthy swaps that won't leave you feeling deprived?  
Your fitness routine can actually be fun, super effective, and get done in just 25 minutes a day? 

 Speaking of  fitness, my workouts are fun, safe and RESULTS driven.  That said, my program includes a variety of modalities (balance)  to keep your muscles challenged, prevent plateaus, and keep things fun and exciting.  Every other week, you'll receive 6-7 workout videos including Tabata, Piyo, Weight Resistance, Kickboxing, Pool Workouts and Barre. My goal is to help you fall in love with fitness and learn to love the body you live in. I also work with all ages and ability levels and can modify anything we do. 

My online program is extremely effective as you will receive daily challenges to keep you accountable and tons of support from both me and the other women in our Tribe. There, we focus on mindset, portion control, goal setting, self-belief,  nutrition,  and so much more. You will grow in confidence as you become the fittest, healthiest, most beautiful version of you both inside and out. 

So, if you are ready to  create more balance in your life, ditch the excuses, and get results you are proud of, join us today!!!  😃