Balance Bootcamp

Finding Balance and creating

simplicity amongst the chaos.



Life is Hard. As women, we wear a lot of hats that can cause us to feel weary, rundown and out of balance. We work hard to balance being a wife, mother, boss, business owner, friend, daughter, employee. We volunteer at our kids' school, lead a small group at church and try to create meaningful relationships. At the same time, We TRY to keep a clean house, make sure the laundry is done, put a decent meal on the table, get the kids to soccer practice, take care of our aging parents, and just maybe, we can fit in some self-care.

When it comes to wellness, there are tons of options, and with those options come all kinds of information. Our brains are in information overload. We hear about Keto, Carb Cycling, Intermittent Fasting, hormones and try every gimmick and diet trend to try and lose the weight that seems to be creeping on despite our efforts. It's now harder and harder to get the extra pounds off. The things we did in our twenties or thirties are no longer working. We are eating less and exercising more and our bodies seem to be stuck.


Does this sound familiar? Listen, I hear you. I know you are struggling to do it all. I see you feeling overwhelmed. The anxiety and stress are your new norm, but listen my friend, they don't need to be.

I've created my Balance Bootcamp with you in mind. Over the next 8 weeks, I'll help you navigate through the confusion and bring simplicity to your life. By the end of the Bootcamp, you will:


1. Have an unstoppable mindset

2. Have a clear understanding of what to do to lose weight and get in amazing shape

3. Be a meal prepping queen so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things you love. No more asking "what's for dinner" ?

4. Be able to set boundaries, so you can eliminate the things that don't bring you joy or don't help you live out your purpose.

5. Eliminate Excuses, so you can finally reach your goals

6. Be Part of an outstanding community committed to a culture of Progress.


This Bootcamp is for you if:


  • ✅ You want to change your focus
  • ✅ You want to know the best tools to help you lose weight and get in incredible shape
  • ✅ You want to know the best foods to eat to help you balance your hormones , boost your immune system, your metabolism and give you a healthy gut (weekly meal plan included)
  • ✅ You want to change who and what you see when you look in the mirror

✅ You want strategies that will help you stay motivated

  • ✅ You need help overcoming obstacles
  • ✅ You want to experience Less Stress and More Vitality
  • ✅ You want to overcome your limiting beliefs
  • ✅ You want more meaningful relationships
  • ✅ You want to start believing in Yourself


Here's what women are saying about Ruth's Program


Ruth is an excellent personal trainer and wellness coach. Her program isn't just about losing weight. It's about getting your body & mind fit together. Ruth teaches you about having a healthy relationship with food, how to have positive self talk, and how to have fun when you exercise! Her program can be done in person as well as online, so there are no excuses!!

Tracy Cooney


Ruth is an exceptional fitness coach and wellness trainer. She incorporates physical fitness with mind, body & spiritual fitness for a well rounded experience. She also provides several options for physical training on-line, in person 1 on 1, or in group setting, along with weekly menu plans (which are delicious) & motivational challenges to make it even more fun. Being a member of this “Tribe” is a blessing.

Deb Louchart


Body by Ruth is a great total fitness program! The plan includes daily exercise classes, both online and in person, weekly healthy meal plans, and daily encouragement and accountability. Ruth encourages you to positively focus on your complete self, so her routine helps you to not only lose pounds and inches, but rethink your mindset to become the best version of yourself. If you want to look and feel better, Body by Ruth May be just the plan you are looking for.

Karen Lee


Meet The Trainer



Ruth has been married to her husband Walt for 26 years, Together, they have 3 grown sons. A former college athlete and teacher, she has always been passionate about fitness and decided to further her education so she could start her own personal training business. As a result, She started training women 18 years ago, so she could have the flexibility to stay home and raise her 3 sons.


Her passion of fitness, nutrition and education married beautifully as she now fulfills her purpose to help women transform their lives both mentally and physically.

Her ability to get women to take action and overcome their fears has helped thousands of women in their transformational journey.


Favorite Things

Some of her favorite things are sipping superfood coffee, kale, Jesus, concocting healthy recipes, date nights with her hubby, acroyoga, lake days, walks on the beach and adventuring with her family and clients.

I'm want for more balance and simplicity in my life.

Show me how to find balance with my body, brain, beliefs, and boundaries.

I'm ready for my transformation