Lost weight 

Say Hello to Ashley!!  This cutie has totally transformed before my eyes and is "Having the Time of her life" in the process.  

Ashley loves playing tennis, but years of eating the wrong foods we're taking a toll on her body.  By following my meal plan, she was able to incorporate simple swaps that taste great and help her body become a fat burner. The result??? Ashley has lost 16 pounds, went from a size 8 to a size 4, has more energy, lower blood pressure and cholestetol and a Rocking bod!!!! 

This busy mom and teacher  tried other Bootcamps in the past but was always getting injured. She started by doing modifications and quickly began doing more advanced movements with good form as her confidence grew. Her body is now strong and fit and her overall health has improved. 

Probably the best testimonial comes from Ashley's husband Jerry who is soooo proud of his wife's hard work, her improved tennis game and the delicious food she is feeding him.

Lost over 20 pounds

Meet Suzanne Tonnesen. To date, Suzanne has lost 26 pounds. She never considered herself a cook but has fallen in love with the meal plan. She preps her snacks and a few meals at the beginning of the week and has even gotten her husband involved in the kitchen. Eating healthy is her new lifestyle and has learned how to take her clean eating habit with her when she is away from her home.

Suzanne has a history of neck pain, but with numerous modifications, she has learned plenty of options that allow her to work her body and still get incredible results. 

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