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WELCOME to our Tribe. I have built this fitness program over 16 years for YOU. This is your FIRST STEP toward EMPOWERING yourself to managing food CRAVINGS, boosting your METABOLISM and feeling energized to get MOVING! Discover how to be the best version of you. Join our TRIBE today!

Please let me introduce myself

Fit Body

Empower yourself to be the BEST version of you!

Fit Tribe

We are a tribe devoted to supporting one another to become fit, healthy, and transform our minds and bodies.

Fit Mom ~ Fit Ruth

16+ Years ~ Tens of Thousands of Hours Trained ~ Thousands Trained

Fit Mind

Mindfulness in exercise can help you break the cycle of resolution and relapse and make getting fit a natural part of life

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Healthy Meal Prep Tips

Healthy Meal Prep Tips

Make the Time For meal prep to work, you have to actually find time to cook! Sunday works the best for most people for obvious reasons—it’s closes...