9 week Barbie Bootcamp | Local & Virtual clients| July 31-Sept 30
9 week Barbie Bootcamp | Local & Virtual clients| July 31-Sept 30
9 week Barbie Bootcamp | Local & Virtual clients| July 31-Sept 30

9 week Barbie Bootcamp | Local & Virtual clients| July 31-Sept 30

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Welcome to Barbie Bootcamp! I’ve decided to use the popular summer blockbuster as the theme for this session. 

In addition to my awesome workouts and killer meal plans, I’ll be using each week to talk about specific concepts that are relevant to women in midlife. 

Week 1 -Self Worth- have you grown up feeling less than? Did someone give you a label that defined you? Our focus will be finding our worth in Christ. We’ll ditch the past hurts and make beauty from our past hurts and pains. 

Week 2- Chasing your goals and dreams -you’re never too old to reinvent yourself

Week 3 -Character traits- traditional Barbie was kind and empathetic. How can we use our own gifts to bless others? 

Week 4 Body Image - We don’t all have a body like Barbie, but we can absolutely train our body and learn to love what we see when we look in the mirror.

Week 5 Fashion -Barbie was quite the fashionista. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite pink outfits as inspiration. 

Week 6 Skin- let’s get our glow on!  I’ll be sharing my best anti Aging secrets…

Week 7 How to look your best in pictures-I’ll teach you how to use angles to make your pics look more interesting. We’ll also focus on how to accentuate your best features and camouflage your least favorite 

Week 8 Barbie Workout /dance Let’s move and groove! 

Week 9 Kenenough  our message is just that. We are enough…. With a menopooch, wrinkles, cellulite!! 


Join me and the rest of our Tribe  as we get in amazing shape together!!!!


This Bootcamp is for you if

  • You want to get in kick-butt shape
  • You want to be around a like-minded women in a community of progress
  • You want to know the best tools to help you lose weight and get in incredible shape
  • You want to know the best foods to eat to help you burn fat, balance your hormones, boost your immune system, your metabolism and give you a healthy gut
  • You want to change who and what you see when you look in the mirror
  • You want strategies that will help you stay motivated
  • You need help overcoming obstacles
  • You want to experience Less Stress and More Vitality
  • You want to overcome your limiting beliefs
  • You want more meaningful relationships
  • You want to start believing in Yourself


What if ????????


💗You could ditch the overwhelm and start living your best life by creating healthy habits that will help you lose weight, get fit, and reduce STRESS ??

💗You  can eat food that helps balance your hormones, reverse aging,  boost your immunity and your metabolism?

💗You can learn healthy swaps that won't leave you feeling deprived?

💗Your fitness routine can actually be fun, super effective, and provide you with both in person and at home classes? 


Speaking of  fitness, my workouts are fun, safe and RESULTS driven.   My program includes a variety of modalities to keep your muscles challenged, prevent plateaus, and keep things fun and exciting.  Each week, there will be a variety  of classes that will challenge your muscles and keep you motivated.  

Classes inlcude both in person and virtual options. You can do in-person, virtual only or a combination of both; it's up to you! 

Choose from outdoor circuits, Tabata, Piyo, Weight Resistance, Kickboxing, cardio dance,  bootcamp in the park and Barre. My goal is to help you fall in love with fitness and learn to love the body you live in. I also work with all ages and ability levels and can modify anything we do.

Local clients are encouraged to join my monthly membership Growing in Grit and Grace.($37 a month) 

It will give you a weekly meal plan, 7 new workouts each month. (perfect for those days you don't train with me in person, mindset coaching and monthly content (See this month's theme above)  that will help you grow in 1 of 4 areas. (fitness, nutrition, aging gracefully, and educational content that will improve your overall well-being/vitality.) You'll also get weekly live coaching from me, so you can get your questions answered and enjoy that face to face interaction. 

If you do the monthly membership, you will be able to deduct that from your in person or virtual training fees.

We'll also connect through a private Facebook Group where you will get tons of support from both me and the other women in our Tribe. There, we focus on mindset, portion control, goal setting, self-belief,  nutrition, and looking and feeling our best as we  age gracefully.   You'll learn so many healthy swaps and healthy habits that will truly transform you inside and out.

So, if you are ready to create a body and a life you love life,  and get results you are proud of, join us today!!!  😃 And enter the code 'bbrmembershipperks' at checkout for the bootcamp to get $75off. (must be enrolled in membership)