7 Steps to Overcome Excuses and Achieve Your Goals

So, it's February, and all month long, I'm going to share ways that we can love the body we live in.  Today, we're going to transform the way we think by identifying the excuses we keep telling ourselves and learning some ways to kick those to the curb. 

We're 7 weeks into the new year.   Did you make some new year's resolutions to get healthy and fit?  How are you doing with that?  It's right about now, that all those good intentions start to get replaced with excuses.  I want to, but..........

It's too cold outside

I'm too tired (this is a biggie) 

I don't have the $$/ I can't afford it

I'm too old

I'm not fit enough

I'm not losing weight, so why bother?

I have an injury

I have people visiting

I'm traveling

I don't like to sweat

I'm too sore

I ate poorly today, so why not just make it a bad weekend? I'll start fresh on Monday. 

Do any of these sound familiar?  These are some of the excuses that I've been hearing lately.   Here's the deal,  you are always going to make an excuse if you don't identify the problem and start taking action. You can have results or excuses, but not both!!


It's up to you to decide today that you are going to be stronger than your biggest excuses.  An occasional excuse isn't going to derail you, but the the problem is, one excuse becomes 2, and 2 become 4 and 4 become 8.......you get the picture.  Unfortunately, once you give yourself permission to make excuses, they tend to  creep in and start to take over the brain like some sort of alien invasion. 

Recently, I was chatting with my clients about some of the excuses that they are telling themselves. 

 We all have them. Whether it’s about why you aren’t committed to your workout routine, why you can't seem to put a healthy meal on the table  or why you are always running late, (my personal nemesis)  excuses can be pretty powerful. They can hold us back and leave us in a cycle of procrastination. They are that inner voice within that tells us we're not good enough, worthy enough, capable enough — the list of inadequacy goes on. All of this negative self-talk gets us nowhere. It keeps us paralyzed in our fears.


The good news is that we are all capable of getting the results we want, but results and excuses can't coexist. To get the results you want, you have to ditch the excuses. Invalidating our calling and our purpose leads to the excuses piling up one after the other. 

Sometimes, you need to change the focus from why you can't do something to why you need to do it.  I mean, look at all the amazing benefits of exercise. If you are stressed, dealing with anxiety or depression, too tired etc, moving your body is crucial to helping you deal with all of those. 

 So, If you are ready to kick those excuses to the curb,  here are seven ways to stop making excuses today:


1. Make a list of your fears.


Do you let your fears run the show? Do they keep you in a cycle of excuse after excuse? Write them all down today. Create a list. Look at the fears and read them aloud to yourself. Seeing them on paper diminishes their value.


2. Write down what you're doing in response to these fears.


After writing down each of your fears, write down what you are doing in response to each of these fears. (This is the take action part) Know that you cannot fail; by showing up and being the best version of yourself, you have not failed. The mind can play tricks on you, making you live in response to your fears. 


3. Decide on 3–5 concrete goals.


Put these five goals on paper. Look at them. Start to manifest them. Start to believe you can make them become a part of your life. Envision yourself at your goal weight. See yourself getting that promotion.  Imagine the confidence you have as you walk down the beach in your fit body.  Think of your life with less chaos and more order. 


4. For each goal, come up with three action steps to help make them a reality.


Create an action plan for yourself. This is what it all comes down to: ACTION. You can understand something intellectually, but it's a matter of bringing that down into the heart and taking the steps to make these goals and results your reality.


5. Create a one-day plan.


Start small. Think about what you can do today to make the results you want part of your reality. Maybe it's talking with a friend about what it is you truly want. Maybe it's journaling about what inspires you, lights the fire inside, and brings about a sense of purpose and passion.


6. Tell someone about your plan. (Helllllo Tribe) 


Accountability is everything. Knowing that you're not alone and that someone else is there on the journey with you is empowering. Tell a friend, your tribe  or family member about this plan.  Putting it out there will help you follow through. Remember, you can't do it all alone and the more love you let in, the more love you let out, and thus the more results you'll see.


7. Truly embrace compassion.


These changes all start with this one word: compassion. Without compassion, you're stuck in a cycle of fear and excuses. Compassion allows the love to flow through. It allows you to show up, be authentic, and create the life you want for yourself.  It allows you to mess up and then give yourself the opportunity to try again.  It's not beating yourself up for overindulging. It's NOT calling yourself a failure when you can't follow through. You can be your own worst enemy and critic. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a loving friend or family member. Take in the fact that you have a choice each and every moment. You and only you control your thoughts.  Speak affirmations to yourself every day! “I am strong” “I am fit”, “ I am deserving”, I am beautiful”. 

  Did you find this helpful? If so, please like it and share it with someone who might need a little encouragement to keep on keeping on.

Cheers to overcoming your excuses and being the best version of you!

Ruth xoxo 

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