20 tips to kick sugar cravings for good

Cravings mean that the body is missing something. It’s normally caused by a lack of nutrients in the body, but it can also be for emotional reasons. The key to reducing sugar cravings is to focus on having a healthy diet by adding real, wholesome foods to it. Consuming single ingredient foods is the key to eating clean, staying healthy and setting yourself up for a long healthy life free of disease.  Likewise, the more we eat whole and fresh foods, the more we nourish our body, and the more the desire for sugary foods decreases.

if you are just getting started on making healthy dietary choices, you might struggle with the mid afternoon need for something sweet. That's totally normal when your diet is filled with added sugar. Breaking sugar addiction is a challenge but it's also totally doable. Here are my top 20 tips to beat the sugar cravings for good.

Here are 20  things you can do to reduce sugar cravings:

1. Be prepared with healthy snacks.

Having healthy snacks nearby will prevent you from buying that candy bar in the check out line. I like to make protein balls at the beginning of the the week. They have the perfect amount of fat and protein and really keep me satiated. You should also eat 3 meals a day to avoid your blood sugar from dipping or spiking. 

2. Ask yourself if you could eat an apple.

 Usually the sweetness of the apple does the trick if a sugar craving hits. I add a little natural nut butter for a little dose of healthy fat. 

3. Move Your Body

Nothing makes you want sugar more then just sitting around and focusing on the fact that you want sugar. Take your dog for a walk, go for a run, wash some laundry or do some yard work. When tired or lazy, we have the tendency to eat sugary foods. Exercising regularly will help to boost energy levels,   reduce stress and reduce cravings. 

  4. Drink Water

It may seem like a no brainer, but drinking water is crucial for staying hydrated and detoxifying your body. Aim at drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces every day unless you are active. Then it will be more. In the colder months, when thirst is not as prevalent, sip on herbal tea to both hydrate and warm you up. 

5. Opt for a Healthy Swap

If you usually sit down to a bowl of ice cream while watching your favorite tv show, try a healthy alternative. Choose a frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate, greek yogurt with berries or a cup of chocolate chia pudding. There is no reason to eat unhealthy foods when there are so many delicious swaps available. 

6. Set a timer for 20 minutes

and go do something fun.  Take a walk in the park, call a friend or run to your favorite boutique on your lunch break. Sometimes a cute outfit is all the motivation you need to ditch the side effects of consuming sugar. 

7. Choose Whole Foods These are single ingredient foods that haven't been processed. Fruits, vegetables, grassfed beef, fish, oats, nuts, seeds, eggs etc. Eating unprocessed foods are high in nutrients and will help your body with cravings. 

8. Eat a Breakfast full of Healthy Fat, Protein and Phytonutrients

  • A bowl of oatmeal with toasted walnuts, coconut milk and berries
  • Eggs, sauteed veggies and avocado
  • A smoothie with berries, spinach, kefir etc. 

Starting your day with sustenance will keep the hunger and subsequent cravings at bay. 

10. Do a Detox  If you are a sugar eater, this will definitely help eliminate cravings and cleanse your pallet. I like to do a detox every 12 weeks or so. It doesn't matter if you eat pretty healthy, our bodies absorb toxins from the food we eat, skin care, the air we breathe, cleaning supplies, and any produce that isn't organic. Try my 7 day jump start to reset your body. 


11. Be Mindful Ask yourself if you are really hungry or if you are wanting to eat because you are bored, stressed, sad or overwhelmed. Real, unprocessed food is the best thing for you when you are in a stressed out state of mind. 

12. Keep it out of Reach  You know the saying....."out of sight, out of mind"  It's true. If it's not in the house, you won't eat it. And while we're on the topic. when shopping, keep your cart full of foods that are on the outside of the grocery store. All the packaged food in the middle isles of full of preservatives and added sugars. 

14. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners If you think you are doing yourself a favor by getting a yogurt or beverage that claims to be SUGAR FREE, you are setting yourself up for numerous health issues. Artificial Sweeteners are even worse than sugar because they are about 600 times sweeter. That means they are only feeding your sugar addiction because you are going to want more and more sweet foods. 

15.  Eat foods that are high in the mineral magnesium.

These include dark leafy greens, raw cacao, nuts and seeds, brown rice, quinoa, and avocado. Sugar cravings may actually be a result of magnesium deficiency.

16.  Eat foods high in the mineral chromium.

Chow down on broccoli, sweet potatoes, apples, whole grains, and pastured eggs. Chromium regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and helps to reduce sugar cravings.

17. Eat foods high in zinc.

Zinc is abundant in whole grains, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, pastured eggs, and oysters. Zinc from animal sources is absorbed better because it does not contain phytates. Zinc is needed for insulin and glucose utilization, and a deficiency can lead to sugar cravings.

18. Spice up your meals with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom.

These spices will not only naturally sweeten your food, but will also help balance your blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings.

 19. Eat a teaspoon of extra-virgin coconut oil three times a day.

This will help boost metabolism, nourish the brain, and reduce sugar cravings. Add coconut oil to your coffee. smoothies,soups, and stir-fries. It's also great for pancakes, waffles and anything you would use oil for. In addition, consuming healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, wild caught salmon, nuts and seeds provide satiety and  help to keep your blood sugar stable.

 20. Consume fermented foods and beverages.

Start eating cultured vegetables and drinking coconut kefir. Sour food helps naturally reduce sugar cravings and, at the same time, provide probiotics, which support digestive health.

If you are looking for help with your sugar addiction, I highly recommend my 4 week carb cycling meal plan. My clients don’t have sugar cravings any more because the plan Is full of nutrient dense foods that reduce cravings and keep you feeling satisfied. The BEST diet is the diet that doesn't feel like one. For more info. check it out here. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


Here’s to helping you love the body you live in!

Xoxo Ruth 💗



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