7 Day Merry Fitmas Challenge

7 Day Merry Fitmas Challenge

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This is a FREE 7 day challenge designed to help you stay on track during the holiday season. The holidays are meant to be enjoyable, but that doesn't mean you can't keep making progress toward your fitness goals. 

Each day, I will send you a healthy smoothie recipe to start your day. It will be full of ingredients that detoxify your body and provide you with superior nutrition. 

You will also get a five minute total body workout that you can do anywhere. The idea here is to work your whole body in just a few minutes a day. No equipment is needed, just you and your own body weight. 

Finally, I'll be providing you with some inspiration each day as you strive to be your best self. 

So, if you are excited about staying healthy throughout the holiday season, just sign up here. The fun begins on December 8th!