Put a Spring in Your Step with these 5 Energy Boosting Tips

Tell me I’m not the only one with a to-do list that feels more like a revolving door of chaos than a true list of accomplishments. It feels like the minute I mark one item “Complete,” I’m already writing another one (or 4!) to-dos, appointments, or meetings in its place! In fact, I often add things to my to-do list just to see myself cross it off.....even if it wasn't on the list to begin with. You know, everyday things like emptying the dishwasher or doing the laundry.   Keeping up with the menial every day tasks, work, extra-curricular activities can flat out wear us out.   We’re all busy..... trying to do all the things. Sometimes it feels like we are barely keeping our heads above the water. or even drowning.   Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or not a mom at all, we all have a million things to do and the same  24 hours each day to try and squeeze them in. It’s physically and emotionally draining. But you know what, guys? It’s only draining if we let it. Instead of drowning in the chaos, my goal is to help us navigate through it. (using the swimming metaphor, think of a person doing a beautiful free style) 


One of the excuses I hear from my clients on a regular basis is I'm too tired.  Being tired is a legit reason why we don't get stuff done, but I promise you, you can muster up the energy you need by being intentional in a few areas each day. So, I wanted to share with you 5 tips that you can start doing today that will put a little spring in your step and give you the energy you need to do all the things.......


 Are you in?? Here are my 5 best-kept energy-boosting secrets.


1. Take 10-15 minutes to be quiet.  Literally, stop. Be still. Breathe. Listen to calming music and get your mind in a place that will help you get organized.   This time of quiet will actually give you the energy you need to get everything you  have on your list done, because you are mentally preparing yourself. You are saying "i got this, and I know where I'm headed".

Ideally, this is something you will do first thing in the morning. I usually am doing this while sipping my coffee or morning smoothie and it totally helps me clear my mind. During this time, I write my to-do list for business and home, do a little personal development, read a devotional that will lift me up and give me direction for the day and then focus on gratitude. When you focus on gratitude, it's really hard to be overwhelmed.   I’m a huge proponent of journaling because it means taking a moment for yourself to clear your thoughts. Writing them down also frees up mental space instead of having those thoughts whirling around in your head all day.  It is also a great way to track your progress as you can see how you are overcoming fears and other things that are holding you back. 

 On a side note, if you are a fan of meditation, apps like Oak are great for giving you a follow along guide, and it even has built-in reminders to help ensure you’re taking that much-needed time each day to just relax for a few minutes. Think of it as a built in pep talk each day. 

Taking time for yourself might seem counter-intuitive to an energy boost, but it’s actually quite the opposite. When I take time to breathe and check in with myself, I find myself feeling more alert and grounded when I open my eyes and get on with the rest of my day.

2. Take a quick walk around the block. 


Sometimes it helps to walk away from what you’re doing for a moment and get your blood pumping. If you can, opt for a walk outside and get some fresh air. Feel that sunshine on your face and soak it up. It gets the job done, trust me! I love to be in nature and really let my senses appreciate everything around me. the sights, sounds, smells, and the textures of my surroundings really make me appreciate everything I'm experiencing and is a natural way to destress.  You’re not running a marathon here, so there’s no need to gear up for a workout—your regular clothes will do just fine unless you’re wearing heels…then you may want to consider a quick change of shoes!


3. Eat something! 

I’m not talking mindless snacking—be intentional about it and avoid the junk, but most importantly, fuel your body!  My body and my mind feel so much better when I am putting superior nutrition in my body.  As we speak, I'm drinking a kefir smoothie with kefir, berries, spinach, collagen, and ginger.  Not only will it energize me, but it will also help my gut health which will boost my mental clarity as well.  As a goal, you should be getting a little protein, some carbs (think of fiber rich sources) , and some healthy fat and your brain will wake right up!

4. Do some calisthenics. 

Okay, this is in line with the walk idea, but sometimes I’m sitting at my desk doing a blog, editing a video or corresponding with clients and all that sitting can make you feel drained.  A quick 10-15 minute workout will wake me up and put a little spring in my  step. That energy then makes me feel uber productive and I can usually whip out some household chores afterwards.  I  I usually shoot for 10-15 each of push ups, air squats, lunges, some step ups and some plank variations. Really, just a few minutes of moving my body is all it takes to make me feel energized.  Likewise,  I often keep a lacrosse ball and foam roller nearby in case i need to  work out knots and stress!

5. Play something loud and fun and CRANK IT UP! There’s no denying the instant mood boost that occurs when your favorite song comes on the radio. Turn that baby up and let loose.  It’s just one song, and the louder the better. Keep in mind that dancing is always encouraged! 

It just needs a good beat, and it needs to be LOUD! A few personal favorites from my playlist include:

  • Lauren Deigle
  • Bruno Mars
  • Various Musical Soundtracks 
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Michael Buble 
  • Harry Connick 


Even with my best top 5 tips, the MOST important thing you can do to guarantee you’ll have enough energy throughout your day is to get enough sleep. I know your mom has been telling you this for years, but now that we’re adults, I think we can admit that moms know pretty much everything, #amIright?

Settling for anything less than 7-8 hours won’t help you be your most productive self, even if I do admit that I need to practice what I preach!  Try and make it your goal each night to set that phone down and turn off the lights instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media before you fall asleep. Easier said than done, I know, I know. But I promise, I’ll try if you’ll try?! Recently, Walt and I have been playing George Winston at night and it totally helps me wind down and be relaxed it.  Do what works for you, but just try to get enough zzzzzzzzs each night. 

Now,  I don’t expect you to nail all 5 tips at once because that would be crazy and so not doable. Begin with one—the one that will be the easiest to check off your to-do list every day, and go for it! Once you’ve got that one down, choose another one and so on. Sound like a plan?? (Say Yes!) 

Do you have a favorite energizing tip? I'd love to hear it, and please let me know how you’re doing in a comment below. 


Here's to helping you put a spring in your step! 

Ruth xoxo


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